Posted on May 10, 2019

Relaxation Ritual

Walking Ritual
For most sensitive people, there is an instinctive longing for the natural world,
and the fulfilment of that longing frequently results in what can only be described as sublime.
HSPs not only enjoy time spent in nature, but we need it. Our sensitive nervous systems can easily become
saturated by the bombardment of sights, sounds, smells and speed of modern life, especially a life lived in a city.
Our jobs and our lives have become juggling acts, with demands placed upon our time and our ability to multi-task.
And most highly sensitive people are diligent, dedicated and don’t want to let anyone down. So we take it on, the traffic,
the spreadsheets, the emails and phone calls, the school run. We take it all on and eventually find ourselves slipping
beneath the weight of it all. Fortunately, nature can give us a break from that stress.
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